Model CTS

Cap Torque Tester

From 1N.m to 20N.m

Model DFS

Digital Force Gauge

From 5N to 1000N

Model DFS-X

High Capacity

3KN to 20KN

Model MTS1

Manual Hand Wheel Test Stand

Capacity upto 500N

Model MTS2

Manual Hand Press Test Stand

Capacity upto 500N

DFS-X Model

DFS-X External Transducer

Capacity from 5N-1000N

Model DTT

0.2% accuracy Torque Tester

Model DTS

Affordable Torque Tester

From 0.5N.m to 500 N.m

NexPlot Software

Free Download from web site

Plot Graph Time vs Force


Find information and support for Nextech’s brand force and torque tester need. Latest software are free to download.  New products are being added so visit us again soon.
Re-seller and distributor, please feel free to contact us.

Quick Link to software download page


  • New Product Launch!  DFS-XB, DFS-XP, DFS-XM and MTS5.
  • Calibration Password and Manual are available for download online.
  • Service & Calibration package are available on our online store at
  • Please write to us with your experience with the software and installation. Feel free to let us know if you have any issues.
  • New NexGraph V3.41 English Version, is available for download. This latest version improve software connection to USB port.  Suitable for Windows 10, and compatible with older Windows.  But if you experience a problem with this version 3.41 please try version 3.4E.
  • New DFS-X Small capacity external transducer(load cell) from 5N to 1000N is now available for purchase or ordering.  This model is best suited where there is not enough space to mount force gauge or when you want to view the reading remotely.
  • The 5KN, 10KN & 20KN,  DFS-X High capacity external S-Beam load cell model, has been added to the range.  These high capacity model with M12 Holder Bearing are available for purchase or ordering.
  • NexGraph Japanese version 3.3j PC software has been added and is available for download from “software download” page.
  • NexGraph version 3.3 PC software is now available for download from “software download” page.