Nextech Global Company Limited is a manufacturer of Force and Torque Testing Products.  Previously company was known as Update Manufacturing company Limited.

The company has been manufacturing Torque and Force Testing products for over 15 years.  The products are sold worldwide under “Nextech” brand  or “Nextech Global” brand. The company also manufactur for OEM and private label (customer own brand).  All products and calibration meet the recognized standard and traceable to NIMT (Nation Institute of Metrology, Thailand), as well as  international standard.  Nextech Global manufacture everything from load cell, transducer, electronics board, machining though the company also source for quality product worldwide.   The company has gained the trust by customer in Europe, USA, China, India, SouthAmerica and many other countries.

Nextech Global sell product through distributor and online shop.  The company are expanding the products and sales to more countries and looking for competent distributor and business partner all over the world.