NEXTECH® DTT Torque Tester is intended for use with measuring torque and setting desired torque of fastening tools. te tools can be manually operated (screwdrivers and wrenches) or power operated (pneumatic and electrical). For power tools‚ a rundown adapter (fidapter) is provided. Different size adapter and rundown adapters are available for various brands of tools and torque range.Features:• Large LCD display• Accuracy 0.2-0.5 % of full scale static torque• Accurate reading of actual dynamic torque for high RPM tools using sampling and software algorithm technique• Auto-Zero with software assistance• Effective Peak 0.1 sec• Reading in Peak hold‚ First peak and Track mode• Total 9 units display‚ with default mode settable• Built in real time clock and date and display on LCD

• Large graphic LCD display reading with auto-lit backlight

• Unique option of Auto-reset in Peak mode

• Go-NoGo (Pass-Fail) mode‚ user settable upper and lower limit

• Auto-memory function to save reading when peak torque is reached

• Combination of Auto-Reset‚ Go-NoGo and Auto-memory Functions at the same time‚ for fully automatic operation

• Total 200 readings can be saved on the units’ memory and transferable to PC

• Data recorded include units‚ time & date stamp

• Trouble-free dedicated Communication software and cable for transfer of reading data‚ units‚ time & date in memory to PC through RS-232 serial port

• PC Software with icon for easy click to export to text file‚ or directly to excel program

• Rechargeable Ni-MH Power Battery for cable free and for field use. Separate on board back up primary battery for real time clock ensure clock running continuously Support calibration in‚ N.m or unit

• User settable Password for calibration

• Rundown adapter of different torque ranges available‚ for power tools operation simulation

Model DTT Capacity and Divisions:

Model No: N.m
DTT 005 5 5 0.5 N.m
DTT 010 10 10 1.0 N.m
DTT 050 50 50 5.0 N.m
DTT 100 100 100 10.00 N.m
DTT 200 200 200 20.00 N.m