Re-calibration can be expensive. If your Nextech gauge has sustained damage, if there are overloads to the gauge either while powered-on(recorded) or powered-off(unrecorded) or if the Current and Original offset variance is greater than 2-5%, your gauge should be repaired or replaced to avoid the additional expense of a failed calibration. Otherwise, if the gauge has been properly cared for and is in good working order, it should be easily re-calibrated to meet our manufactured specifications.
To avoid possible “hidden costs” at third-party labs, we STRONGLY suggest that you talk with your calibration lab in advance about this process. Ask questions regarding what is included in the quoted price and for what services you will be charged extra.
For Example: Is the quoted price “all-inclusive”, and what is the cost if they cannot complete the calibration?
If the gauge is “out of tolerance”, is there an extra charge for adjusting the gauge’s calibration?
We also believe that it is a good idea to replace the battery before the calibration process, so you may want to consider this in advance.