DFS with handle

DFS Force Gauge

Accessories set

MTS1 with DFS Gauge

DFS-X 3-20KN

MTS2 with DFS

DFS-X 5-1000N

Nextech gauge is suitable for simple testing in tension & compression, as well as more advance testing.  DFS model is a cost effective, general purpose testing. A DFT model is a gauge for higher accuracy of 0.1% and additional features.  Please feel free to download brochure for more information.  Nextech force gauge can be used with or without test stand.  Threaded holes are provide in the back of the gauge, and screws are supplied, for mounting.

MTS1 & MTS2 are manual test stand which can mount either to DFS & DFT Model force gauge.  MTS1 is a hand wheel operated where as MTS2 is a hand press operated.  Test stand are recommended for a more consistent testing.

SMD model is a motorized test stand with load up to 1000N.  SMD has digital speed display and tactile key pad control panel.  SMD can communicate with DFS & DFT and can do a auto-return & auto-stop on break or set conditions.

DFS is a low cost, general application gauge. Capacity are available from 5N to 1000N.   DFS with external transducer has a capacity of 3000N. Accuracy is 0.2% with metal enclosures and back-lit graphic LCD display

DFT is a high performance high accuracy force gauge. Capacity are available from 5N to 2500N. Accuracy is 0.1% with metal enclosures and back-lit graphic LCD display

MTS1 & MTS2 are Manual Test Stand.  MTS1 is a hand wheel type whereas MTS2 is a hand press type.  MTS1 has a stroke of 300m(12 inches) & MTS2 100mm(4 inches).

SMD is our motorized test stand.  The test stand is suitable capacity up to 1000N

In the simple application, only force gauge would be enough for both tension and compression.  Peak reading are registered and can be save in the memory.  Software and USB cable are provided t0 connect to a computer and plot the graph or for download of test data.  The accessories are included in the case such as hook, compression plate and sharp point. Depending on the material to be test, you can use an optional grip/clamp to hold your test specimen.

When the force are very high such as over 250N or over, you may need a test stand. The test stand can be manual or motorized.  Manual test stand are low cost and come in a hand wheel or hand press type.

For high volume testing, SMD Motorized Test Stand will be recommended. The motorized test stand will also give you a more consistence testing due to the constant speed. Speed is adjustable and display in digital.