The NEXTECH® SMD 1KN is a motorized test stand controlled by a single ballscrew-driven with a load rating of up to 1000N (220lbs)‚ both upward and downward movement can be adjusted at multiple speeds. Together with our DFS and DFT force gauges and necessary accessories by NEXTECH®‚ the SMD 1KN completes a force measurement system for accurately and efficiently testing a wide range of products.


• Tensile or Compression load capacity 1000kN‚ 220lbsf‚ 100kgf
• Speed can be adjusted to 0.2″ – 39.4″/Min (5 – 1000mm/Min)
• 20.5”(520mm) crosshead travel
• Large working area 9.6″X10.4″ (243X265mm)
• ‘Manual’‚ ‘Single’ and ‘Continuous’ Cycle control mode
• Adjustable upper and lower limit switches
• 7 digit LED speed indicator