DTS Model Torque Tester. A cost effective model for general test and calibration of various torque tools. This model has a very wide range or capacity for small as well as large tools. The peak torque is optimized for both power tools such as air (pneumatic) wrench and electric screw-driver. DTS can also be used for manual tools such as torque wrench and torque screw-driver.

DTT Model Torque Tester. High performance model made for high accuracy, low to medium torque capacity. This model come with everything need for fast testing of torque tools and includes some advance features. The unit can used with power or manual torque tools. USB port come standard and torque can be view on computer screen live. Rundown adapter come standard with every set.

CTS Model Torque Tester. Design for torque testing of bottle & jar’s cap. CTS can also been modified to measure torque of mechanical component. The capacity are available from 1, 5, 10 and 20N.m Accuracy is 0.5% of capacity. Work in either Track and peak mode.