DTS Torque Tester

CTS Cap Torque Tester

DTT Torque Tester

20mm Square Rundown Adapter (Joint Simulator)

Nextech have several Torque Tester models to choose from. Whether you want to set torque of manual tools, power tools, bottle/Jar’s cap, Motor or Mechanical Parts, we have the right test for your need.   And wide capacity range to choose, from 0.5 up to 500 N.m

To choose the right torque tester for you, please view our short description of each model. For more detail please view model page or download brochures.

DTS model is suitable for all type of calibration of torque tools. Wide range capacity to choose is from 0.5 to 500 N.m.  DTS is a cost efffective torque tester with accuracy of 0.5%.

DTT has a high accuracy of 0.2%, with advance features and solid design. DTT is suitable for high performance torque testing of capacity from 0.5 up to 50N.m

CTS is design for torque testing of bottle or jar cap. This model can also be modified for testing of mechanical parts. Capacity available from 1 up to 20 N.m

For test calibration of manual and power torque tools choose either DTS or DTT model. Both can be use with various type of torque tools such as torque screwdriver (manual or power), wrench (manual or powered).

For torque testing of bottle or jar’s cap choose CTS. This model can also be modified for testing mechanical component of parts.

For measuring torque or rotating equipments, such as motor or engines, choose RTS model. The model come with transducer and a handheld monitor.

All models can connect with computer for online torque monitor (live) or for data download and analysis.